Surgical Scrub Sink

Surgical Scrub SinkHectra offers operating room Surgical Scrub Sinks are made with superior quality material and advanced technology. These sinks are developed in line with the listed parameters of quality to ensure their high-standards. Keeping in mind divergent demands of the clients, we offer these sinks in different sizes and design.

HECTRA ENVIRO SYSTEMS  are the leading Surgical Scrub Sink Manufacturers,Suppliers, Exporters in Hyderabad,India.

Special Features :

  • 1 bay, 2 bay and 3 bay are standard variety.
  • Choice of Elbow Operated , Electrically Knee Operated Sensor Operated.
  • Cock will be shower type for through cleansing.
  • Electrically or sensor operated shower cock will have elbow operated shower for emergency use.
  • Fitted with antiseptic dispenser & a soap dish Surgeons Control panels.

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