Static, Dynamic Pass Box

HECTRA ENVIRO SYSTEMS is the Static, Dynamic Pass Box manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporter Hyderabad India. HECTRA specially designed Static, Dynamic Pass Box  are very well suitable for various industries like Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Bio-Technology, Nano tech industries and Hospitals. The advantage of our pass thru chambers are bacteria free, virus killing applications, indication alarm CE approved interlock systems. So that we have to prevent both doors from being opened at the same time. UV light and CFL light also interlocked with door magnets. If the both doors closed condition UV light switch on and CFL in off condition If any door open CFL will on UV will switch off.

HECTRA ENVIRO SYSTEMS is the Static and Dynamaic Pass box manufacturers Hyderabad India

HECTRA range of PASS BOX :

  • Static Pass Thru Chambers
  • Dynamic Pass Thru Chambers
  • Stainless Steel(SS). SS304, SS316
  • Galvanised Iron (GI) Powder coated

Features :

  • Robust in construction
  • Good Finish
  • Coving provided inside the body. So that easily cleanable
  • Eletromagntic inter locks are “CE” apporved and long life
  • Ultra violet lights protection for sterility
  • Available in standard and custom made pass boxes
  • Food grade neoprene gasket arrangement for air tightness

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