Clean Room Accessories

Clean Room Accessories These modules complete your cleanroom by providing control over contamination, static, microorganisms, humidity and other critical operating conditions. Regardless of your clean room requirements, Terra Universal provides complete, turnkey cleanroom systems and performs all installation to your production schedule.

Cleanroom Curtains
Softwall curtains and strip shields are made of heavy gauge static-dissipative vinyl and create an effective barrier for use as cleanroom walls

Clean Room Accessories

Clean Room Accessories

Air Conditioning Systems
Cleanroom air conditioning systems maintain a cool, comfortable environment for personnel and equipment, while preventing contamination

ULPA-Filtered Air Curtain
High Velocity Air Curtains provide a shower of micro-filtered air to remove particles from personnel and equipment entering a clean room

Exhaust Fans (Ventilators)
High-volume exhaust fans allow precise pressure regulation inside cleanrooms or enclosures making them ideal for handling hazardous materials

Humidify / Dehumidify
Comply with humidity regulations with this cleanroom dehumidifier. Get a constant flow of moisture-free air from this corrosion-proof module

Sterilization Systems
Destroy over 99% of bacteria, viruses and mold! A motion sensor protects personnel, and a set-point is programmed into memory

Fire Safety Solutions
This FM-approved detector senses all electro-optical hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires, even with other gases and vapors present

Environmental Monitors
Cleanroom Air Flow & Environmental monitoring provide convenient solutions to temperature and humidity maintenance inside a modular cleanroom

Power & Utillity Outlets
Power your cleanroom with installation of electrical and vacuum/gas utility outlets; components meet all requirements for safety and operations

Cleanroom Talk-Through
Clearly speak with colleagues in other rooms while maintaining cleanroom cleanliness; save time & money by avoiding entering/leaving the room

Benches & Shelves
Stainless steel cleanroom benches and shelves are wall mounted for optimal cleanroom work, storage, or seating surfaces in a hardwall room

Cleanroom Controls
Versatile control systems provide traceable process conditions for cGMP, FDA, and USP compliance. Monitor and adjust airflow from a central location

Cleanroom Lighting
Illuminate your room with modular lights including fluorescent, space-saving teardrop, flow-through modules and energy-efficient LED

Fan Filter Units (FFUs), Lights, Ionizers
Outfit your cleanroom ceiling with ionizers, UVC disinfectants, lights and a large selection of filter units, including particle, vapor, and ducted

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